Sunday, 5 February 2012

Day 10~Another Relax Day Drags On

No Sunday Funday here, it's all about taking it easy, which I'd be all about if I were at home, but it makes for a REAL long day here.

Not gonna say a whole lot about today because we didn't do much. Our one outing consisted of walking to Calison to pick up my dress, which I am going to bring back later this week and have them take it in a little cause it is a little big in places. Other than that, we mostly hung out in the room, playing Words with Friends and reading. Can you tell that I can hardly contain my excitement for Sundays in Anand??

We do have a big week coming up. Daily check ups and retrieval. Let's hope the anaesthesiologist is on the up and up (I'm just kidding mom, I know he is a decent one, Homerro said he is good).

Hope to bring a little more enthusiasm and adventure in my next blog.

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