Saturday, 4 February 2012

Day 9~On a Monkey Hunt

We hear so much about the cool animals that you can spot roaming in India, but our biggest sightings have been cows and dogs, which by the way are very protective of their blocks, but I'll get into that later. Anyway, my goal today was to spot a freaking monkey. Somewhere, anywhere, just let me see a monkey that is not actually in a zoo!!

Started the morning out by having breakfast with Jen and Homero (pronounced O-Meadow, cuz I can't roll my r's), who is a gastrointestinal surgeon, who mostly does gastric bypasses and lap bands (Janet~this could be the best person I could've possibly come across, who knows what the future holds, j/k). Made plans with them to go to the resort after our injections.

Went to the clinic, met a very nice girl (Nueton) who is from India originally, but is now a US citizen and lives in Delaware. She came back here for IVF and surrogacy because of the cost factor and also the high success rates. Spent a longer time than usual at the clinic as it was very busy today. Had a check up and am now up to 8 good sized eggs, plus a whole bunch more smaller ones. That's double from 2 days ago. So things are looking good medically and she's estimating retrieval date to be Wed.

After the clinic, we headed back to the hotel to grab some stuff for our day at Madhubhan. Spent the afternoon soaking up some sun with Jen and Homero and the pool temp was even warm enough for the guys to take a dip. Also enjoyed watching parrots fly over us while we were at the pool. Having some time to kill before dinner, we took a walk around the Madhubhan grounds and there they were. The monkeys were hanging in the trees behind a garden area at Madhubhan. Finally, a monkey just out in the open, no big deal. I guess they hang around at Patel's clinic on slow days, but they are kinda mean and they hiss at people, so I'm not sure if I exactly want to run into them there. We have yet to spot an elephant or camel, but this trip's not over, so who knows? Maybe we'll get lucky and see some this week.

Oh and about the dogs, it's rough out here people. These are dogs have street cred fo sho. Dogs hang out in gangs, so to speak. They each take care of their own blocks and if they see other dogs trying to get on their block, it ain't happening'. Watch out for the one eyed dog with a marred up face, he may look a little weathered, but he's still got lots of fight in him.

As Porky Pig once said....That's all folks!!

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