Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Day 5~We meet our Surrogate & Make some Friends

Started the day off with our usual breakfast at the hotel. An omelet and toast. I swear to God tomorrow that I will switch it up and get the hard boiled egg instead. Another couple invited us to sit with them. A very tall cute skinny blond girl that looks like she could be a model. Like a real model, I'm not just saying it. Almost makes me wanna not like her right then and there, but she is absolutely the sweetest person. Her name is Jen and I have yet to be able to pronounce her husbands name, so I won't try and spell it on here. Anyway, she is originally from North Dakota and he lived there as well, but he's from Mexico. They live in California now and have been dealing with the heart break of multiple miscarriages. She has had 5 herself and they've lost 3 through surrogacy here, the last one at 34 weeks. Dr. Patel said that was the first time that a pregnancy has gone on that long, only to give way to a stillbirth. I totally feel bad for this couple, but she is so upbeat and personable that you can hardly tell she has been dealing with this kind of stuff. After breakfast we head to the clinic.

Today was the big day to meet our surrogate. We met in Dr. Hitesch's office, a separate office from the clinic. As we sat and waited for our surrogate to arrive, Hitesch tells me that Tara is a popular name here and it means "stars". Pretty cool, if ya ask me. Anyway, our surrogate arrived. She is 5'2" and looks to be in good shape from what I can tell under all the garb. Her name is Joshpina, a name I can actually pronounce. She is a widow and is doing this to be able to put her kids through school. She has a 16 yr old son and a 11 yr old daughter. She lives with her mother in law and is a paediatric nurse. Everything about her seems great. She is on the upper end of the age for surrogates as she is 37, but she is a picture of health and really understands this process, especially since she is a nurse that works around it. We took a few pics with her, thanked her and said goodbye. We'll see her again on transfer day.

We arranged to go with Hitesch to the C9 gym at 5:30 pm, so we head back to the hotel to rest. Jen called and asked if we wanted to go to the Big Bazaar with them, so we took them up on their offer. There really isn't much to do than go to the Big Bazaar, at least not today, so off we go. It was way better today than on the weekend. Way more mellow. I guess it's the same all over the world with weekends and shopping.

After the Bazaar, it's back to the room to nap until we meet Hitesch. We meet up with him and head to the C9. It's like our Anytime Fitness. A very nice facility amongst run down buildings. That's the way it is all over here though. We got a small workout in. I can't do anything too strenuous, but walking on the treadmill and some light weights are fine. Hitesch said we can meet him everyday at 5:30 to hitch a ride with him to the gym. I can hardly believe that I am actually looking forward to going to the gym each day. Who am I?? Well boredom will drive you to crazy things, I guess.

We took a tuktuk back to the hotel after the gym. This was probably the funniest part of our day. First off, Mike (and I say it's Mike's job to do that, cuz he's the guy) didn't negotiate a price with the driver before hand, which you should really do, but we know what the price range from this distance usually is, 40-60 rupees. So when we get to the Rama, the driver says 220 rupees, we were both like "no way". The driver starts getting all revved up, Mike is saying "I give you 50", it's going back and forth. Mike doesn't have change at this point and doesn't want to hand him a 100 because he knows he will take off. Our hotel doorman comes over to help us out and next thing ya know, he's calling over more guys. It was like a gang of 6 guys on our side against the driver, who was still arguing and God only know what he was saying about us, but our guys still stuck up for us and our doorman took Mike's 100 and went and made change down the block. We gave the driver 50 and he swore at us and took off. You probably had to be there, but it was pretty funny and pretty awesome that all those guys that didn't know us were sticking up for us.

Off to bed for the night. I have an ultrasound tomorrow. Hopefully it will bring good news.

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