Thursday, 9 February 2012

Day 14~Drumroll Please.............

And...........We have some Embryos

After a restless night, I'm feeling better. Today's the big day that we find out if any eggs fertilized.

We had 3 very good eggs. The doctor was expecting more and that worried us, but the ones that she got are of high quality, which is better than having let's say, 7 (or more) low grade eggs, so she said, not to worry. After the retrieval, they added Mike's magic and today we found out whether or not we had embryos. And we did!! We have 2 high quality embryos and they are waiting on the third because it looks like it could be better tomorrow, we are calling that one "little Nemo". Tomorrow is transfer day. If all 3 look good, she'll transfer all 3. Studies show that transferring 1 or 2 actually has better results, but she likes to do 3 if possible, so that will be discussed tomorrow. Just gotta pray that it takes.

Anyhow, our day was filled with outdoor walks and only a few beggars. A boy (about 10 years old) who was missing an arm was after me for money (as in following me down the block at close range), but I couldn't even bare to look at him. He got way to close and was pointing his stubbed arm at me. I may be going to hell for not giving in to that one. Next boy was probably 12, but he was missing a leg and had his prosthetic leg off and was sitting on a curb, so at least he didn't chase us down. Now I really am going to hell. Oh well, tomorrow is our last day here and we will hand out some food to these kids on our way out of town.

Our afternoon was spent going out for lunch at Mirch Masala with Jen and Homero. It was more of an upscale place considering the area we are in. Very good food and enough to feed at least 6 or 7 of us. After lunch, we all shopped and got some good deals on copper items. I have tried to pick up a few things for my peeps while I'm over here, but honestly, most of the stuff that I see is really not worth buying. They have awesome deals on luggage, but that's not exactly a souvenir and it would cost us an extra $60 to get it on the plane.

An overall great day that wore me out a little. All the walking is supposed to be good after minor operations, but I am really sore. Kinda feels like my innards are all in a jumble. I guess it is quite normal. (Jen is experiencing the same thing). Hoping to feel even better tomorrow as we journey on to Udaipur (hoping to have internet there and post lots of pics). I am so excited for the weekend and then coming home!

It's kind of weird when I reflect on my Anand experience. When we arrived, I definitely had culture shock. Now I am so used to it. I don't mind walking in the streets with traffic. I don't mind the honking. I don't mind the tuktuks, in fact they are pretty fun. I don't mind any of it (except maybe the weddings at times) and there are things that I am going to miss. Like going to the gym with Hitesch, and meeting new people every day, spotting cool animals, and the cheap food.

Tomorrow we will meet our surrogate for the transfer and present her with a small gift (we got her a small decorative silver box and will put some money in it). Even if it doesn't take (and I hate to even write that because I am trying to have pure positive thoughts), she is giving it a try. She will be put on bed rest for 15 days and will be staying at the clinic during that time. Taking 15 days out of her life and her children's lives to try and do this for us is worth at least a trinket, right!!

GoodNight All.
And GoodNight Anand...............See you in the fall :-)

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  1. Congratulations on your 2 excellent embies and your little Nemo! That's awesome news! Seriously, can you believe this? I think they could make a movie about this and show it on Lifetime and I would be bawling. Who would play you? I love you and can't wait til you come home.