Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Day 6~Another Mundane Day

Had my check up today, all is well. Will have another one in 2 days. Both Mike and I were put on antibiotics. It's just a precautionary measure. They don't want you getting sick around transfer day. However, Mike was already sick today. He had a fever and chills, so we just hung out in the room. Really quite boring.

Since I don't want to bore you and write a bunch of crap, I'll just touch on one thing......
WEDDINGS!! Have I mentioned weddings, of course I have, because that's what goes on every night. Have I mentioned that I have come to HATE WEDDINGS!! I probably haven't stated that yet, but I have started to hate them. They are seriously obnoxious, loud, over-the-top celebrations over here. We had a wedding march that went on for oh about 3 hours outside of our hotel. Right in the alley where I watch the cows eat trash every morning. The wedding marching band is sooooo loud, but I could maybe almost handle that along with the chanting and dancing, but it's the mortar style fireworks that get to me every time. I hope that is the last wedding that takes place around our hotel. I don't know if I can take it for too many nights in a row. Plus I think most of the wedding party is staying at the Rama too, so they were super loud and obnoxious when they got back. How is there not any alcohol involved in these celebrations?? People are like this stone sober??? I say this because we are in a "dry" state, so people don't drink here and from what we've seen, they really don't. We haven't seen any smokers either. If I had to live here, I'd probably be a chain smoking alcoholic. FOR REALZ.

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