Monday, 6 February 2012

Day 11~End of the Road

Let's get the IVF stuff out of the way. It was the last day of injections today. Everything is looking good. I had a regular injection at 10:30am and then the last of the shots is an antagonist shot called Orvitrelle and that was at 11:30pm. My usual nurse, Sachay (sp?) came to my room at the hotel to do the late night injection. She brought her husband and son, which was kind of weird, but I can also see why she has her husband go with her on these late night house calls. I wouldn't want to show up at some stranger's hotel room alone late at night either.

As for our day, well it was the usual. Breakfast, clinic, hotel room for Words with Friends, walk around the block and then we went out for dinner.

Oh and Mike also squeezed in a haircut between all that business. 30 rupees (about 65 cents) for a barber shop haircut. The guy was so happy to get a 35 cent tip, we saw him run next door from his shop and buy some snacks afterwards. Stuff is crazy cheap around here. They do jack do some stuff for foreigners, like tuktuk rides. We pay 40 to 50 rupees for a ride across town, which is still cheap, but for locals, it is like 5 rupees.

We went to dinner with Jen and Homerro at the Moon 2 Night rooftop restaurant at the Hotel Laksh. A very cool atmosphere, but the food was not anything to write home about. I am sure it is probably good to the Indian people, but we weren't quite down with how they seasoned things. Mike and I both had personal pizzas, but they put cinnamon in the sauce. I just can't do something that I associate with sweetness, in my pizza sauce. Gross!! All of us are dying for some regular meat at this point and this was a "all veg" place. There are only about 4 or 5 places in town that do have meat, so we are going to hit those up this last week. I cannot wait to have a regular burger back in the states.

We also had our laundry done today. Not that I think ya'll are interested in that, but it is a pretty sweet deal. We had 45 items washed, dried and pressed for about $12 dollars. I would seriously consider paying someone $12 dollars a week to do that at home. They even iron your underwear. I told Mike he better enjoy his nicely pressed white t-shirts here because it's not gonna happen at home.

Another uneventful, but nice day. Tomorrow we will do all the paper work, go to the lawyers office and sign the contract. Oh and if Mike and I happen to die and this surrogate has our baby, we needed to put people down who would come and get it, because they don't want it over here, that's for sure. So who are the lucky caretakers.........................................................................
Grandma Kim Taylor and Grandma Cindy Lanin

Later dudes and dudettes!!


  1. Good luck with the surragacy! I hope it all works out fine. I watched a program on TV on surragacy in India, seems very interesting.. At least you get to see some interesting stuff you wouldn't see at home. I have also done some traveling although not India -- I went to Taiwan and I miss the cheap clothes from there!

  2. Thanks!! It was a big decision to follow through with this, especially since the process here in India is far from what it is like in the states. Although we do not know the outcome at this point, I am so glad that we went this route. It is one of the best experiences that I have ever had. So good to find others that are going through the same thing and to meet people with positive outcomes!!