Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Day 12~An "Off" Day Flies By

Other than some paper work stuff, we really didn't have much to do today. We got a late start today, imagine that~the Lanin's late for stuff, never. Anyway once we got rollin', we headed to Hitesch's office. Took a tuktuk to the law office, which is in an upstairs office building that looks like you may be entering a crack whore apartment building, to do the paper work and then back to Hitesch's office to get some prescriptions. Let me tell ya, this is a pharmacy haven. You can get anything you want, except narcotics, without a problem. What a racketeer that we've going on in the US. Mike, Jen and I loaded up on some  medications that will induce us into a lovely comatose state for the airplane ride home.

After hanging out at the office, we went for lunch at Subway. Yay!! Meat!! Not the beef products that most Subways offer, but I had real turkey.  I've never been more happy to eat lunch at a Subway as I was today. Then we headed over to The Chocolate Room for some dessert. The Coffee Nirvana was an excellent choice. It's basically a frappe. Jen ordered a Brownie Sizzler, which sounds and looks better than it was. Don't get me wrong, it's edible, especially since we have been missing so much of the food we have at home and you can't screw up chocolate that much, but the sizzling part scorched the chocolate and it had a weird burnt taste to some of it. 

By the time all that was over, it was already 3:30, wow, a day that actually went by at a semi high speed rate. It's almost time to hit the gym....

5:30 rolls around and we hit up Hitesch for our ride to the gym. Not only did I see a family of monkeys running around on the rooftops (wow, they do come right into the city), I also saw a camel hauling a cart of stuff. So cool. Hitesch helped us plan our excursion to Udaipur on the car ride to the gym, so we are all set to start our journey back home. 

Tomorrow is egg retrieval. We will stay in Anand until Friday after the transfer and then will venture to Udaipur for a couple of nights. Sunday evening we will be leaving Vadodara (aka Baroda) and head to Delhi, then to Paris and back Minnesota!!

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